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About Us

About us

Minimal displacement
- maximum comfort

The Lisi Towers company cares about
the creation of additional comfort for the
future residents, therefore it is planned to
build a hypermarket, fitness and spa services
and a co-working space,which will provide
the most diverse services with minimal movement.

A path that at times is more difficult, but that builds solid relationships. It has never been enough to please our customers. We have always wanted to make them happy.

The advantage of the residential house is the proximity to the city center, along with a healthy, green environment, which will create the luxury of living in an ecologically clean environment.
The building offers amazing views of the city, which will create additional comfort and harmony.
People's safety is a priority for ‘Lisi Trio’’, therefore 24-hour cameras are installed in the living space. The hotel-type lobby and security minimize the movement of strangers in the residential area
A healthy lifestyle and self-care is a privilege of our company, therefore the residence has a pool and a fitness center that will serve customers of any age.
The building is equipped with a sprinkler system, which is an additional guarantee of safety
Many offices and commercial spaces will be located in the residence


'Lisi Trio' is a construction and development company that has been offering its customers complete construc- tion management since 2017. The experience of the company is emphasized by con- structions going on at different places at the same time.


Lisi Trio's new residential complex is distinguished by its unique location. We offer our customers a wide selection of apartments.

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