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Lisi Trio's new residential
complex is distinguished by
its unique location.

The advantage of the residential house
is the proximity to the city center,along with a healthy, green
environment, which will create the luxury of living
in an ecologically clean environment.

EU Energy Efficiency Standards

A crucial component of Lisi Trio is the European Union Energy
Efficient Standard Permit, which confirms that the structure was
planned and built in accordance with stringent energy efficiency
standards. Residents will save money on their energy expenses as a
consequence of this qualification, and the building will be more
ecologically friendly and sustainable.

/ Unified Heating and Cooling

Lisi Trio's integrated heating and cooling system keeps the
inside at a comfortable temperature all year long, giving residents
a pleasant living space regardless of the weather outside.

/ Move-In Ready Condition

With completely furnished and equipped apartments that are
prepared for residents to use the building's amenities right away,
Lisi Trio is made to be move-in ready. Residents' move-in
experience is facilitated and made more easy by this feature.

Air Filtration System

Every apartment in Lisi Trio has an air filtration system, guaranteeing
that residents breathe clean, hygienic air. This feature encourages a
healthier living atmosphere, which is crucialfor upholding wellbeing
and good health.

/ Recreation Zone

Due to Lisi Trio's close proximity to the recreation area, locals can
enjoy outdoor activities like sports, walking, and picnics with ease,
encouraging an energetic and healthy lifestyle.

/ Stunning Views

Lisi Trio's breathtaking views of Tbilisi and Lisi are a standout feature,
giving inhabitants breathtaking panoramic views of the cityscape and
the surroundings.

Co-Working Space

Because of our collaboration with Movenpick, Lisi Trio's design is
integrated into the building's amenities, offering a distinctive and
upscale living environment.

/ Security Systems

Residents of Lisi Trio can live in confidence knowing that security
measures have been taken to guarantee their safety.

Lisi Towers

The Lisi Towers company cares about
the creation of additional comfort for the
future residents, therefore it is planned to
build a hypermarket, fitness and spa services
and a co-working space,which will provide
the most diverse services with minimal movement.

Sun Location

45°31′N 10°53′E

Minimal displacement
- maximum comfort